Saturday, April 17, 2010

I've Been Diced! episode 4: Fantasy Flight big box games

Back from a hiatus, the I've Been Diced! crew take a look inside Fantasy Flight's big box games (BBGs), from the official ones like Twilight Imperium, to the ones that pack the spirit of the BBGs in a smaller package (such as Warrior Knights). What makes a great BBG? Which are substantially good fun, and which one is just a box full of air? To honor the occasion, we open the latest BBG, Horus Heresy, and take a peek inside. Plus, this episode's Game Off The Beaten Path is Mare Nostrum. (c) 2010 Tom Grant.


  1. Just listened to all four episodes and thought they were great! I agree with almost everything about games I knew about (not so big a fan of GW artwork though) and heard a lot about games I don't know much about (mostly pure, non-FF wargames).

  2. Hi, just discovered your show (heard about it on "The Noise Before Defeat" podcast) and really enjoy it. I especially like the unscripted, open forum format. I'm looking forward to future shows, keep it up.

  3. Come back from your recent hiatus! :) While I'm mainly a miniatures gamer, I really enjoy hearing about board game mechanics. You guys are funny and informative. Thanks for your podcast, keep it up!

    Bert from the Noisemaker Podcast.