Monday, February 22, 2010

I've Been Diced! episode 3: Games that stood the test of time

This week, we discuss games that stood the test of time. Why, decades from now, will we still be playing Cosmic Encounter, but not Catan? Plus, our Game Off the Beaten Path takes inspiration from the D&D Monster Manual, and someone feeds Chaos in the Old World into the woodchipper. (c) 2010 Tom Grant.


  1. Great episode and I can't wait for more! I felt the same regarding Chaos in the Old World(woodchipper approved indeed). I've been thinking of picking up a new game and since Sword of Rome or Here I Stand are a little out of my league, I'd be interested in hearing your opinion on Richard III: The War of the Roses vs Hammer of the Scots. I really like your podcasts so please keep them coming. -Ian Johnstone

  2. Interesting podcast. I was surprised to hear your opinions of Chaos in the Old World, and wonder if there was some incorrect play, perhaps? For example, all of the dials are of differing lengths. This is intentional, and by design. Also, you mention Slaanesh getting caught with Nobles split across the board, but Slaanesh has cards that allow you to instantly move a noble from one area to another. Also, I've played many games of CitOW with players who play more games than most (they work for a game company), and I've seen multiple wins by each god, in different ways. ex, Khorne with a VP victory is absolutely a viable path.