Saturday, April 13, 2013

I've Been Diced! episode 44: Grant and Tom Dalgliesh on Columbia Games and the new, Kickstarted edition of Napoleon

Tom and Grand Dalgliesh of Columbia Games talk about their Kickstarted new edition of the classic block game Napoleon. We also delve into the secret of Columbia Games' sustained success, the history of the company (including Hârn), some possible new games, and the reasons why the real history of Macbeth would make an awesome game. Plus, a game off the beaten track that's the best solitaire wargame you'll ever play that doesn't have any pieces. (c) 2013 Tom Grant


  1. Great interview! Thanks Tom.

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  3. Great interview. Columbia is such an interesting company, because they're an "original" wargame company that adapted to changing times in the hobby as RPGs, computer games, CCGs, the Internet, euros, and now Kickstarter changed the marketplace.