Sunday, November 10, 2013

I've Been Diced! episode 48: The Bobby Lee Kickstarter campaign, and why you should play more wargames about the American Civil War

Tom and Grant Dalgliesh stop by to discuss their successful Kickstarter campaign for Napoleon, and the new Kickstarter for Bobby Lee. Plus, your host has seven reasons why you should be playing more wargames about the American Civil War. (c) 2013 Tom Grant

Monday, July 29, 2013

I've Been Diced! episode 47: Ignoble successes and serious SF games

Remember two episodes, when we discussed noble failures? Now it's time for ignoble successes, the games that were more successful than they should have been. Plus, Tom gives his list of 10 science fiction boardgames for people who are serious about science fiction. (c) 2013 Tom Grant

Friday, July 12, 2013

I've Been Diced! episode 46: Paul Rohrbaugh of High Flying Dice Games

Paul Rohrbaugh of High Flying Dice is our guest this episode. If you're not familiar with this publisher of low-cost, print-on-demand wargames, you should be. Paul and I talk about the company, his game designs, and games as educational tools. (c) 2013 Tom Grant

Monday, May 6, 2013

I've Been Diced! episode 45: Noble failures, and Eclipse on the iPad

Many games come oh so very close to being good, or event great, but don't...quite...make it. That's the topic for this episode, noble failures. Even if they didn't completely succeed, from a design or a market perspective, these games deserve respect. Plus, Tom reviews Eclipse, both the new iPad version and the original boardgame. (c) 2013 Tom Grant

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I've Been Diced! episode 44: Grant and Tom Dalgliesh on Columbia Games and the new, Kickstarted edition of Napoleon

Tom and Grand Dalgliesh of Columbia Games talk about their Kickstarted new edition of the classic block game Napoleon. We also delve into the secret of Columbia Games' sustained success, the history of the company (including Hârn), some possible new games, and the reasons why the real history of Macbeth would make an awesome game. Plus, a game off the beaten track that's the best solitaire wargame you'll ever play that doesn't have any pieces. (c) 2013 Tom Grant

Monday, March 18, 2013

I've Been Diced! episode 43: A Descent into frustration, and a belated best/worst of 2012 list

Tom, TJ, Kevin, and Jason have a therapy session about Descent 2nd edition, with some primal screaming. Why was this game so hard to love? Is it time to break up? Plus, Tom's belated list of noteworthy games from 2012. (c) 2013 Tom Grant

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I've Been Diced! episode 42: Volko Ruhnke

Volko Ruhnke is our guest, and boy, do we have a lot to talk about. From Wilderness War to Labyrinth, from Andean Abyss to the next games in the counterinsurgency series, we've got it all. How do you portray guerrilla warfare and terrorism in wargames? Why haven't there been more games about the most frequent conflicts of the last century, the internal ones? And what's a Tupemaro, anyway? (c) 2013 Tom Grant