Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I've Been Diced! episode 32: Mage Knight

We heard that Mage Knight: The Boardgame was mildly popular, so we're providing an introduction to the game. What are the core rules, and how do they work together? What are some tips for beginning players? But first, we bemoan the frequency with which many recent games become unavailable. And later, Tom outlines his theory of gaming hours per dollar. Has that ratio gone up or down over time? Are we getting more or less out of the box? (c) 2012 Tom Grant


  1. Really enjoyed the Mage Knight podcast and the segment afterwards about bang for your buck. One thing, though, I thought Conflict of Heroes Awakening the Bear had 10 or 11 scenarios out of the box. There might have been 6 or so specific 2 player scenarios and the rest could play multiplayer, but I think those worked well in 2 player mode as well.

    It definitely lacked the create your own scenario stuff found in Combat Commander, Squad Leader, and ASL.

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