Sunday, July 17, 2011

I've Been Diced! episode 20: Brian Train on wargames about revolutionary and asymmetric warfare

Brian Train, wargame designer, joins us to discuss simulations of irregular warfare. How do insurgencies differ from conventional wars, and what's different about how you simulate them in wargames? We talk about many of Brian's published games on these topics, such as ¡Arriba EspaƱa!, Battle for China, Shining Path, and Algeria, as well as his upcoming games. For more info on Brian and his games, visit Copyright (c) 2011 Tom Grant


  1. Great interview. Loved the focus on game design and wargaming. Keep these coming!

  2. At the serious gaming blog "Play the Past", Jeremy Antley discusses the content and validation of games modelling counterinsurgency, with several quotes from this podcast.