Monday, July 29, 2013

I've Been Diced! episode 47: Ignoble successes and serious SF games

Remember two episodes, when we discussed noble failures? Now it's time for ignoble successes, the games that were more successful than they should have been. Plus, Tom gives his list of 10 science fiction boardgames for people who are serious about science fiction. (c) 2013 Tom Grant


  1. For what it's worth, regarding Panzer Grenadier, the website has user ratings covering a lot of scenarios so you can avoid some of the dogs.

  2. Enjoyed the podcast, but disagree on the negative SE4X comments regarding having to go back to your bases to update your tech. I think it's a significant rule and adds more tension to the decision making. It makes for some interesting trade-offs.

    On your list of 10 you mentioned time travel, not sure if you have played it but Time Agent is a fairly good time travel game.

  3. Interesting episode, but I worry that you guys are focusing far too much on the negative. It almost got to the point that I was expecting someone to say that the board gaming hobby as a whole was an ignoble success. That said, I do agree with almost all of games listed.

    I found much more value in the SF game recommendations at the end of the episode. Thank you. Did you post this list anywhere? I'd also like to see at some point your recommendations on SF books, though this is perhaps outside the scope of the podcast.

  4. Question: What was the CCG that was based on Philip K. Dick?

  5. I generally like the 'cast, but agree with Ben above. Too much on the negative. This episode combined with the one two episodes ago rub me the wrong way. Opinions are fine, but it got to the point where it seemed pretty petty.

    Some of the criticisms were valid, but in the end is sounded like a bunch of grognardy elitism. The rant on Memoir '44 was the best example of what I am talking about. I don't care much for the game either but I understand its success and don't begrudge it. Too much for coming down on games for what they aren't trying to be in the first place.

    Looking forward to the next episode on the best games out there. No seriously, how about Noble Successes next time? Cheers.