Monday, February 21, 2011

I've Been Diced! episode 12: High Frontier

High Frontier is an ambitious game about the exploration and exploitation of the solar system. This episode, we outline the rules of the basic game for new players, and we give a few initial thoughts about the game. Plus, our game off the beaten track looks at space as a much less inviting place. (c) 2011 Tom Grant


  1. I see this episode has been linked from the HighFrontier Yahoo! group.

    Please note that Tom's spin on the episode is "A few initial thoughts", and explicitly not "A review." We need to play (a lot!) more before a review is possible.

  2. Nice talk on High Frontier.

    FYI: the vassal module in the files section of the Yahoo Group is incomplete. I have a vassal module based on the Yahoo Group version that is more complete. The link is on the BoardGameGeek forum link below.