Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New blogroll added

If you look to the right, you'll see a new listing of boardgame-related blogs. You'll also see my preference for wargames reflected in the list, but not to the exclusion of boardgames generally.

On top of needing a blogroll for I've Been Diced!, I've also been looking at the boardgame community as a side project at work. Wow, there are a lot more gaming blogs than I knew. They also cluster neatly around boardgames, with few "crossover blogs" that throw in related forms of entertainment, such as computer games, console games, and role-playing games. In fact, the wargame blogs seem to have stronger connections to history sites than general boardgame blogs have to other types of games.

Maybe you expected that result, but I didn't. Back in high school, my family owned a bookstore, which was my first education in the extent of crossover buying. The store started with comics, then branched out into science fiction and fantasy books. Eventually, we added a gaming section. Many customers purchased from more than one part of the store, and occasionally, all three.

However, in social media today, there isn't the same crossover. I'm not sure why people with eclectic shopping habits get very precise in online discussions of these products, but that's what seems to be the case.


  1. I maintain an extensive blogroll list on my blog, which is updated every two months or so.


  2. I'm honored to be added to your blogroll. :-D

    Walt aka "Mister Nizz"