Sunday, October 10, 2010

I've Been Diced! episode 7: How much would you pay?

We look at our game collections and ask, how much are we willing to pay? When is it worth paying more than $50 for a game? Howzabout those $100 titles from FFG? How do you know when a game is overproduced? Plus, two wargames from off the beaten track, including one for the Hammer of the Scots fans out there. (c) 2010 Tom Grant


  1. Hi Tom,Dave and Scott. I liked the show today. I am willing to pay the srp for the games I want and this is based on the theme, quality of the game play and how well the components fit the game mechanics. For me Twilight Struggle, War of the Ring, Runewars, Cyclades and Talisman are all examples of excellent theme, components and mechanics. Some of the other games that you and your group like to play sound so good but I wouldn't pay for Maria, Merchants of Venus or Princes of Florence. The main reason I have for this is that I have a self imposed limit to the number of board games I intend to own.

  2. Hey Tom, Dave from BGG here. The audio is sounding better than ever.

    Nice Maria discussion. I think it's a brilliant 3p game that despite seeming very tactical is in fact mostly strategic, and thus requires several plays to become effective. I think much of the game revolves around what Prussia and Austria are going to do about France; do they ally early so that Austria can contain France, and how strong a hand must Prussia have to backstab Austria. etc.

    I found the "what would you pay" segment to be a bit egocentric and not as insightful as it could have been (e.g., "I'd pay less because my friend owns a copy" takes away from the discussion). But I was thinking VG's Titan while you were discussing Cyclades so I am glad you went there.

    Keep it up!

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