Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I've Been Diced! episode 60: Making history with Microscope, and games that tell stories

Our regular panel plays a session of Microscope, the game of collaboratively building a grand historical narrative. We put our creative powers to the test by writing the history of a world in which the Roman Empire never fell. This innovative game should appeal to anyone interested in epic sagas in science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, you name it.

Plus, we want our games to tell interesting stories, from fighting the Battle of the Bulge to stopping the Great Old Ones. But what's the secret to designing a game that can generate an interesting narrative? (c) 2014 Tom Grant

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  1. Hey, I'm curious as to what you think the classroom applicability of the design might be. It seems like you could plausibly create alternative history assignments based on this structure, handling broad topics like Imperialism or the creation of a world religion. Roughly how long does the game take to play/to teach? Definitely curious about this.